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find LPN-to-RN programs

LPN-to-RN Programs

If you've been looking for comprehensive information on LPN-to-RN programs, you've come to the right place. Get details on classes and how your nursing career can evolve.

find CNA classes

CNA Classes

A complete guide to CNA classes and what it takes to become one, including information on how much hands-on training really matters. 

Nursing Careers

Explore our comprehensive guides to these popular careers in nursing. Find out more about job opportunities, salary ranges, degree requirements and the traits you'll need to do the job.

Certified Nursing Assistant

If you're interested in joining the booming health care field, becoming a CNA—also known as a nurses' aid, home health aide, orderly or attendant—can be a good place to start.

Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse

Get a licensed practical nurse (LPN) career and degree overview. Find the practical nursing information you've been looking for to begin a nursing career in as little as one year.

Registered Nurse

Get a registered nurse (RN) career and degree overview and learn about the many opportunities in registered nursing resulting from the nursing shortage. Learn about RN jobs, training and careers.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Learn about clinical nurse specialist (CNS) careers, training and school opportunities. Learn about the varied CNS fields and work settings and discover the CNS training option that's right for you.

Nurse Midwife

Gain insight into nurse midwife careers and training. Learn about the many opportunities in this in-demand and rewarding profession and discover how versatile nurse midwife salaries and work settings can be.

Nurse Practitioner

Learn about nurse practitioner (NP) careers, training and school opportunities. Discover the many specialty options in this versatile and thriving career, as well as the multitude of nurse practitioner training paths.

Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics is a specialized area of nursing that incorporates computer, nursing and information science and has a wide range of sub-specialties, such as primary care informatics, public health informatics and intensive care informatics.

Nurse Educator

Nurse educator jobs marry teaching and nursing, therefore creating a fulfilling career of helping others in several capacities. Many nurse educators work as both an instructor and patient care provider.

Nurse Leadership & Administration

Nurse administrators not only act as leaders, but they also deal with complicated matters such as policy, management, finance and human resources. These careers carry a lot of responsibility, but can be profoundly rewarding. 


Nursing School and Career Article Library

If you're interested in other nursing careers—from nurse anesthesia to oncology or women's health nursing—search our article library. We've covered everything from types of nursing degrees to tips for acing the NCLEX. We can help you prepare for your nurse education and the subsequent continuing education units you'll need to continue to practice.