Learn What You'll Do and What Traits You Need to Succeed as a Nurse Informatics Specialist

Learn what nursing informatics specialists do and see if you would be a good fit.

What You'll Do

  • Design, create, test, put into place and evaluate new or modified information solutions and data
  • Consult with nurses on hardware and software configuration
  • Analyze information systems data in order to improve nursing services and reduce errors
  • Act as translator between nurses, system engineers, analysts or designers using certain techniques
  • Create strategies and policies to introduce, evaluate or modify information technology
  • Develop ways to better ensure patient security and confidentiality
  • Circulate nursing informatics information to health care field and public

As technology continues to advance, exciting new careers pop up, like a nursing informatics specialist. While more technical than other nursing careers, the main goal of nursing informatics is enhancing patient care. Better information systems and data mean less medical errors and better patient security and confidentiality.

It's a specialized area of nursing which incorporates computer, nursing and information science. Nursing informatics is growing career; learn what traits and skills are needed to succeed in this job.

You are... You should have...
Analytic Problem-solving skills
A great listener Excellent communication skills
An active learner Ability to generate many ideas
An original thinker Good judgment and decision-making skills
Organized Ability to maintain interpersonal relationships
An initiator Critical thinking 

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