Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Career Guide

Your guide to certified registered nurse anesthetist programs, schools and job opportunities.

Career Overview

A nurse anesthetist, or certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), is a licensed professional nurse who provides the same anesthesia services as an anesthesiologist (MD). After completing extensive education and training, CRNAs become nationally certified and may then practice in all 50 states.

A certified registered nurse anesthetist is one of the best paid nursing professions—making it an excellent career choice in today’s booming health care industry—if you’re interested in working closely with health professionals such as surgeons, dentists, podiatrists and anesthesiologists.

Read the articles below for more in-depth nurse anesthetist career and training information, and discover whether nurse anesthesia expertise is the right career fit for you.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Today CRNAs are the only anesthesia providers in more than two-thirds of all rural hospitals in the U.S. and they administer approximately 30 million anesthetics to patients nationwide each year. Get a nurse anesthetist careeroverview and discover why this rewarding profession offers more than a great paycheck.

Degree Programs

Nurse anesthesia is a somewhat niche field and deserves careful consideration when it comes to choosing your nurse anesthetist programs and education. For example, does the school provide job placement services? This article provides resources to help find a CRNA school that’s compatible with your education endeavors. You can also gain insight into specific CRNA courses and learn the importance of nurse anesthetist school accreditation.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary

There are many factors that affect nurse anesthetist salaries, including where you work, the education you receive and your area of specialty. What makes the difference between earning a salary of $136,000 compared to $174,000 a year? Find out and also discover how the nurse anesthetist salary is just one of many benefits in this rewarding position.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Jobs

Sure, you can make a good living, but how do you know whether the nurse anesthetist job is right for you? This article discusses the skills needed to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist and the different types of settings you can work—such as hospital emergency rooms and health clinics.

Common Questions and Answers

There are many questions to ask before you start considering a new career, and a certified registered nurse anesthetist career is no different. Gain insight into the thriving nurse anesthetist career by reading this question and answer about what to expect in nurse anesthetist careers and education.

School Prerequisites and Coursework

Finding the right nurse anesthetist school can help you save both time and education dollars. This article discusses nurse anesthetist school prerequisites, school coursework and specific areas of focus—such as obstetrics or pediatrics. Learn why researching nurse anesthetist schools and programs can help set you up for CRNA career success.

How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist

Want an abbreviated list of things you need to do to become a nurse anesthetist? This article provides the top 10 steps to take to join the thriving CRNA profession, starting with a bachelor’s in nursing degree. Another necessity for the trade: Feel comfortable around needles and machines.

State Boards of Nursing

Research the requirements in the state where you want to practice nurse anesthesia by contacting that state’s board of nursing.

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